Humor is serious business.

It’s so serious that 7 of the top 10 USA Today spots from last year’s Super Bowl were funny. Some even crazy funny. Why would someone spend millions of dollars in media and production costs to make you laugh? Because humor works. Really well.

It’s no laughing matter.

A study by the Journal of Marketing found, “Humorous advertising is more likely to secure audience attention, increase memorability, overcome sales resistance and enhance message persuasiveness.” Wow, that’s a lot of impressive marketing jargon. How about just – it’s funny, I remember it, I like your brand and will buy your product.
So, let’s be goofy, witty, childish, quirky and just a little silly. After all, haven’t we had enough ‘sadvertising?’

C’mon, who wants to laugh? Everyone.


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WATCH NOW: THQ “Monster Truck”


Humor starts with a great idea.  Tasked with creating a memorable launch spot for the classic video game MX vs ATV Unleashed, THQ needed a humorous way to promote the powersports videogame MX vs ATV Unleashed. What could possibly go wrong in combining, 2 unemployed 20 somethings with a real monster truck and golf cart? Apparently, quite a bit. Enjoy the ride!



Boulevard is the complete cloud based solution for salons, barbers and cosmologists looking for a way to communicate and schedule with their clients. Data driven and interconnected, this technology is available for the daily business of cut, color, weave and bill in the salon industry. The mission was a simple, feeling based image piece that could fill a wide variety of uses.

Endless Possibilities…  Guaranteed Smoothness.

WHY RIHANNA Pioneered a New Kind of Super Bowl Performance

The superstar made her comeback performance (it’s Rihanna’s first since the 2018 Grammys) atop seven platforms suspended anywhere from 15 to 60 feet above the field. And while the LED-lit platforms, which were arranged in different positions as the singer moved through hits looked cool as hell, they also served a very practical purpose.

Grass is a hot topic in the NFL. This season, many players called upon the league to switch every field to grass, claiming it’s easier on their bodies. (The league says injury rates are about the same between artificial surfaces and grass.) The hardness of the ground and softness of the sod are major factors in how players’ cleats interact with the gridiron—and what happens when they get tackled onto it. Preserving that field, says Phil Bogle, the NFL’s director of game operations, is the league’s main objective when it comes to the halftime show, “so that when the athletes get out there they can do their thing without any concern for field conditions.”

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