The Tip of the Spear.

We refer to video as being the tip of the spear for marketing.  Motion Design is the tip of the spear for our video production.  With over 25 years of CG graphics experience, the possibilities are indeed endless.  Much of our experience lies in motion design and visual inviting 2d and 3d graphics.  Our team is has experience in VR, AR, 3D product visualization, and vfx using the latest tools and methods.  Take a look at our gallery and see for yourself.

Endless Possibilities. Guaranteed Smoothness.

Three decade’s experience working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, over hundreds of projects. Meticulous attention to detail and an artisan-like approach to our craft set Phase 3 Studios apart. We bring all of that to your project, no matter how large or small, executed with our signature “guaranteed smoothness”, for award-winning results on your project.


Tasty and refined motion graphics are the staple around here.  Look for us on broadcast and web based commercials around the country.


Visualize your product before it’s even made.  Show how it works.  We have experience in creating Broadcast spots and infomercial explainers.


Our team specializes in rigging for character, quadra-peds and bi-peds.  In addition, we do mechanical rigging, and animation simulations for the automotive industry.


Everything from explosions, to set extension, we use the right tools for the right job to make it look real.


Our massive Octane Renderfarm allows us to jam through photo real scene rendering quickly and accurately utilizing the latest technology.


Motion Design, VFX and CGI Animation

Description: We have you covered from 2-d, to 3-d, vfx, title and logo design and everything in-between.  With over 25 years of experience we have some of the best and brightest talent in the industry waiting to make your vision come to life.

Product and Retail Animation

Description: Whether its highly detailed photo-realistic renderings of a product that does not yet exist, or a simplistic diagram of how it works, Phase 3 has got you covered. We start with your client’s CAD files and then create the look you desire quickly and efficiently with our new development pipeline. Covering a wide range of detail, styles and budgets, we will create and show your product the best that it can be.

3D Character and Technical Rigging

Description: Our team has vast amounts of real-world experience doing special effects work and technical rigging of characters including bipeds and quadrupeds such as horses and dogs.

Medical Technical Animation

Description: Understanding medical animation requires a skill set of biology and mechanical engineering understanding.  Our team is second to none and our attention to detail will exceed your expectation.  We have over 25 years of experience in the field.


TULA DMD EV Engine Controller

Client: TULA Technologies

Description: Tula wanted to demonstrate a back to back comparison of how their DMD technology works. We created a simulation with our fictional electric car to show how their DMD controller works. Our simultion had to meet many needs including fitting within the allotted time of the description which was challenging. We also created a plausible electric motor to show how the DMD technology not only works on Permanent Magnet Motors but in Reluctance Motors as well.

Jumbo Crispy Honey Mango Shrimp Tacos

Client:  Del Taco

Description:  CrysP is back with the boz band peddling the latest flavor flavs shrimp tacos at the Del.

Growing Business

Client: Pacific Premier Bank

Description: COVID-19 necessitated a completely CG solution for the next spot produced for our client.  We concepted and previsualized the spot which enabled us to have the client approve our drone camera moves before we even shot.  We later tracked the footage and then designed a fully CG business complex that grows over time.  Complete with big rigs, trucks and assembling buildings, we quickly, using the power of Octane successfully and creatively got the clients vision up on screen.

Ultimate Black Tire Black

Client: Meguiar’s

Description: Created for the launch of Ultimate Tire Black, this spot featured a cg product army and specialty motion design in 3d and 2d.

KIA Forte’ iVT

Client:  Kia Motor Corporation

Description:  This technical animation shows how the Kia Intelligent CVT belt and clutch system works in the KIA Forte. This simulation was modeled in Maja by hand, rigged and created with C4D and Octane.