Visual communications that grows your organization.

Phase 3 Studios has spent decades helping organizations like yours grow and achieve their goals. Let us leverage that experience to help you take your organization to the next level. Our expertise across all communication mediums will enable you to get the greatest return on every dollar invested.  We understand ministry, faith-based and non-profit organizations and how to reach donors and volunteers alike.

Guaranteed Smoothness.

Our experience working with both large international organizations and small local charities has enabled us to develop a broad range of expertise. Meticulous attention to detail and an artisan-like approach to our craft set Phase 3 Studios apart. We bring all of our expertise to your project, no matter how large or small, executed with our signature “guaranteed smoothness”, for award-winning results on your project.

Faith-based mobile and video content creation.

Publishing and book trailers.

Live Events, Web Streaming and Donor Communications.

Development and brand enhancing marketing videos.

Expand your ministry’s reach and help reach your goals.

Get the right message to the right people.


Fund Raising/Development Videos

We’ve help numerous organizations raise millions of dollars for their vital projects.

Donor Communications

Let us help you keep your donor base connected and well informed about your organizations important work.


Phase 3 has helped organizations reach hundreds of millions of households through both TV and Radio.

Video Curriculum

Effective small group and large group educational programs.

Volunteer Training

Video based training that gets your volunteers prepped and into the field quickly.

Audiobook Production

Phase 3 Studios has been the premier choice for producing and recording high-quality audiobooks for national publishers for over fifteen successful years. Our studios offer a warm and comfortable environment for creative minds to flourish. Throughout the years, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with numerous NY Times best-selling authors, a testament to the excellence of our services..  See our audiobook production services here.

“Unwrap the Bible”

Client: Women of Faith

WOF called on Phase 3 Studios for creation of the “Unwrap the Bible” tour featuring many leading Christian woman speakers and authors. This features Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.

“Living the Psalms”

Client: Worthy Publishing

Created for Worthy Publishing, this short book trailer features Charles Swindoll talking about his latest book “Living the Psalms”.

“Dream Big”

Client: Forest Home Ministries

Forest Home tapped Phase 3 Studios for a support video to help them raise money for a proposed expansion of the popular family camp.

“TUMI” – The Urban Ministry Institute

Client: Prison Fellowship

Shot inside a California state prison, this donor focused, fund raising video was made for the Urban Ministry Institute which runs seminary programs inside of prisons.

“Clarissa’s Story of Hope”

Client: Safe Families

This Church-based host development video was created as a marketing and informational video for Safe Families to motivate church interest in their program.