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Ready for Broadcast.

Do you have a remote guest that you need for your live show?  Do you have a show you want broadcast to the Internet for the whole world to see?  Our live feed professionals are here to help you with your next live feed or transmission!  We have broadcast hundreds of two-way feeds for networks all over the globe such as FOX News, CNN, BBC, MSNBC and ESPN.

Our studio is connected to both LTN and Digital Commlink networks so we can transmit your guest in the highest quality with minimal latency to wherever in the world you are or we can send and receive from any Comrex Liveshot box. We also have Ultimatte keying equipment so we can put your guest over a number of Southern California locations or a branded background featuring your network or program logo.  In addition, we have high quality SourceConnect capability for audio recordings through Pro-Tools.

Unlimited Possibilities.  Guaranteed Smoothness.

Three decade’s experience working with some of the biggest names in the broadcast industry, over hundreds of live feeds and stage shoots. Our attention to detail and commitment to our craft set Phase 3 Studios apart. We bring all of that to your next feed or transmission, executed with our signature “guaranteed smoothness”.


Network Connection ready, with LTN or Digital Commlink, IFB, video return and available prompter.


24×17 Stage, with A/C, Pre-lit for green screen, wireless Internet, Sound Proofing.  Set Design available.


Fully lit Makeup room/Green room with vanity.  Available with video preview.


Point to Point, video and audio to and from any Comrex Liveshot device.


Our facility is connected to the internet with up to a 1gig bidirectional high speed connection.