The Phase 3 team has been shooting beautifully delicious food for decades.

Our collaborative tabletop vision brings our skills to the service of advertising agencies, commercial production houses, and client direct projects.  Years of experience allows us to tackle any challenge.  From Phantom high-speed cameras to ultra-macro lenses to utilizing green/blue screen EFX, we have done it all.  We create stunning, mouthwatering images that connect the food with seamless conceptual integration. Sometimes we sprinkle it with a little humor to create an entrée’ that’s a little bit more memorable.  And always with tasty results.  Whether it’s hamburgers, tacos, or pancakes we always “Guarantee Smoothness.”  Go ahead, reach out and take a bite.

Our creative product is grounded in brand strategy, developed for media-specific effectiveness

and executed with Guaranteed Smoothness, to achieve clearly defined brand objectives.

Creativity is an essential element of every piece of marketing communication.


But we strongly believe it is a means to an end. Often times, ideas can be defined as “creative” yet have no impact on brand objectives. We create ideas based solely on their ability to deliver positive results for our clients. Nothing else.

Concept through completion. Yup, we do it all. Every great spot starts with a great concept and through all of our years, we’ve developed more than we can remember.  In fact, most of the spots on this site were concepted by us as well.  Already have a killer concept?  We guarantee to bring an interesting twist to make it a super-duper killer concept while providing the highest quality production. No matter what type of project you’re looking to create, we are here to make it great.