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For the past 8 years, Phase 3 Studios has honed the methods, strategies and technologies for successful live streaming video events, for major clients.

We’ve helped clients achieve immediate impacts such as:

• Over 90 million social media interactions in the first 3 days after an event
• Reaching a live video audience of more than 500,000 for a recent political client
• Remotely train more than 15,000 people at 850 dealerships nationwide for new car model introductions

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Video-based strategy and experience will ensure success in building and reaching more of the right people.


When your event can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, it makes it easy for the viewers to interact with you.


Empower your audience to interact with Q&A, downloads, “click-throughs” to enhance viewer experience and heighten engagement.



Use Web streaming to offer a killer USP or other transactional opportunity while the audience is engaged, for immediate conversions.

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We have produced strategic, live streaming events for Fortune 500 clients, including Hyundai USA, STX Entertainment, Experian, Ingram Micro, Edwards Lifesciences, the U.S. Surgeon General, On24, and many others.  We provide network television production values, along with a strategic, “headache-free” approach to achieving your business goals.

[title_with_icon icon=”oic-simple-line-icons-81″ icon_size=”large” icon_type=”circle” size=”h4″ title=”Hyundai USA” connected=”yes” dot_bg_color=”#e0e0e0″]Tasked with creating an interactive LIVE training event, Phase 3 pulled out all the stops to quickly train sales/marketing and service divisions for 800 dealerships in 2 days. This comprehensive event included live demos, dealer questions, quizzes and LMS integration. [/title_with_icon]
[title_with_icon icon=”oic-outlined-iconset-7″ icon_size=”large” icon_type=”circle” size=”h4″ title=”Ingram Micro” connected=”yes” dot_bg_color=”#e0e0e0″]At Ingram Micro’s request, we created a live interactive video marketing webinar one of their cloud-based products. Verified viewer retention and engagement was 95% for an hour long event… unheard of for a marketing webinar.[/title_with_icon]

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