TULA TECHNOLOGIES enlists PHASE 3 STUDIOS to raise awareness and showcase their new motor controller technology.


Tula Technologies is a software controls company in the automotive space. “We drive efficiency in gasoline, diesel, and electric motor space.”

Showcasing Tula’s latest automotive engine controller for electric motors, Tula takes aim at the EV and mobility market with their motor optimization controller technology. Produced, written, animated from beginning to end, Phase 3 completed this project with all simulation renderings in a matter of weeks.

With the pandemic, Tula was unable to give demonstrations or talk to people face-to-face about their technologies. This video was made to give people insight into the concept and benefits of the technology and is used globally.  According to Tula, Phase 3 was chosen to execute this project for several reasons.

     “We searched online, including on Clutch. We had recommendations from people we knew in the industry as well. In the beginning, we had a list of 12–13 companies. We selected Phase 3 studios due to the timeline, previous projects they’d done, and their knowledge about automotive.”


Phase 3 Studios did everything from soup to nuts for the video. Tula had a fairly good idea about what they wanted to do with the script.  After writing the scripts, and creating the storyboards, Phase 3 created graphic overlays, and 3D animations needed.  Throughout the process, Tula had multiple checkpoints for reviews and feedback. Being that this was a technical animation and some of the animations were conceptual, there was quite a bit of back and forth to create what was needed in a highly accurate way.  Tula also wanted this video to be aimed at the general public, not just for experts. Phase 3 Studios helped balance these two very different demands.

     “Internally, we communicated on Zoom. We had meetings to go through the video and make sure our comments were all consistent. That’s how we moved the needle daily and weekly.”

Todd Yates (Executive Creative Director & CEO) and Jonathan Hicks (Executive Art Director & VP) both spearheaded the production of the video with Jonathan leading the 3D animation and technical team and Todd with production, scripting and scheduling.  Phase 3 also cast voiceover talent for the project, for both the English and Mandarin version.

     “The best part was that they drove us as much as we drove them. We had great synergy across both our organizations. They brought in their wealth of experience into the project, and the results speak for themselves.”

Since we were working with engineers in addition to laymen, Phase 3 had to be very accurate both in design and simulations.  Jonathan’s extensive experience in the technical and automotive sector bridged this gap perfectly.The motor design was taken from a production vehicle but modified to fit the space and concept needs of the video, so even though it was not a real motor and driveline, it was accurate enough that it could have conceptually worked.  Phase 3 then created true to life physics simulations of the vehicle dynamics that represented what the client was wanting to communicate.  Of course, the simulations also had to be tied with the voiceover copy and still be realistically timed.  From there, Phase 3 used their GPU render farms to generate realistic OCTANE based animations.

The end result?



The Tula team said it best, here in an interview with Clutch regarding this project:

     “We had a solid deadline because we wanted to showcase the video at a conference. Phase 3 Studios came through spectacularly in every way possible. The output was stellar, and it was much better than any of us had expected. Once we released it to the whole team, everybody was blown away. The video went on the website as well. All the versions turned out great and were well-received across the globe. Furthermore, some of our technical advisory people and the board of directors commented on how well the videos came out. We’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback.”

TULA DMD – Module 1 – Market Success (TRT 1:05)

Tula Technologies has had a successful launch and life for their older technologies developed for combustion motor controllers for both gas and diesel. They have partnered with the likes of GM and Cummins to extend the economy of various types of engines through Dynamic Skip Fire technology.

Our job was to revisit the successful background story of this company and do a quick overview of their technology.used in current vehicles both gas and diesel.

TULA DMD – Module 2 – Electric Motors and How They Work (TRT 1:03)

EV motors work well within a specific range. We created simulation animations showing the problem of how current motors operate. With a little bit of a modern racing game look to make it interesting, we created easy to understand graphs to support the story.

TULA DMD – Module 3 – How DMD Works (TRT 1:23)

This is the heart of the video and Tula wanted to demonstrate a back to back comparison of how their technology improves upon the current EV controller technology. We created a simulation with our fictional electric car to show how their DMD controller works.

Our simultion had to meet many needs including fitting within the allotted time of the description which was challenging. We also created a plausible electric motor to show how the DMD technology not only works on Permanent Magnet Motors but in Reluctance Motors as well.  Complete with realistic sound effects, dynamics and even flying seagulls, the results were fantastic.

TULA DMD – Module 4 – Future EV Mobility Growth Potential (TRT :35)

TULA stands ready to meet the coming needs of EV mobility with DMD, Dynamic Motor Drive. Using some creative corporate design cues, we helped show the possibilities for future use in this final module.

We need a Chinese version too.

Phase 3 provided translation and Mandarin voice over talent.

      The global economy dictated a marketing need for the Chinese market.  We were able to provide this quickly and accurately as requested to create a communication tool for this economy.  Take a look.

TULA DMD – Mandarin Version Cutdown (TRT 3:59)

After completing this latest communication tool for them, Tula asked us to make a Chinese Mandarin version.  Phase 3 provided the language translation,casting and talent.


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Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation recently tapped Phase 3 Studios to help demonstrate their Sightline Wiper Blades.  Phase 3 Studios has been doing work for Toyota and Lexus for over 25 years.


A recent technical animation was created for the KIA Forte showing how their version of a CVT transmission works.  Made completely from scratch, Phase 3 worked with the engineers to create a working visual model of parts of the transmission.

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